Full Service Veterinary Clinic

Downtown, OKC

We provide comprehensive treatment that fits with your schedule

We provide comprehensive treatment that fits your schedule. Have you been Googling "Best Vet Near Me?"

OKC Vet Campus offers a full-service veterinary clinic, much more than your typical veterinary experience. Our veterinary care goes far beyond just treating the symptoms. We partner with you to care for the comprehensive mind, body, and long-term health of your pet. Diagnostically, we have state-of-the-art In-House labs, Digital X-Rays, Dental X-Rays, Ultrasound, Cold Laser Therapy, Surgical Laser, a Water Treadmill, and more! High-quality medicine paired with technology and client education is what you'll find at the OKC Vet Campus. Our Virtual Appointment brings that technology and our emphasis on client education to you, wherever you may be.

Other Specialty Services

Ocular Tonometry

Ocular Tonomtery for Dogs & Cats Understanding Ocular Tonometry for Pets Ocular tonometry for pets is a simple task that is easy to perform in your vet’s office without pain or trauma for your pet. However, it can reveal very serious issues that can result in pain or even blindness if they go undiagnosed. Here’s…

Euthanasia for Pets

Euthanasia for Pets Euthanasia for Pets: One of the Hardest Decisions You’ll Have to Make If you are caring for an ill pet or your pet is getting older and becoming less interested in the things they once enjoyed, you may need to begin considering euthanasia for pets. This is one of the hardest decisions…

Water Treadmill for Dogs

Water Treadmill for Dogs Considerations in Water Treadmill for Dogs Physical therapy offers a wide range of benefits to people, and it can be highly effective for your dog as well. If you’re looking for alternative therapies to benefit your dog, whether they have a specific condition that needs treatment, or you want to help…

9-5 Monday - Friday
Two Saturdays per month (9-12)
Appointment only - with same day urgent care.

We only use state-of-the-art equipment, the kind your pet deserves.

Would You Like A Virtual Appointment?

A Virtual Appointment is:

  1. Convenient and sensitive to your busy schedule.
  2. Decreases back and forth with messages and callbacks.
  3. More accurate information is conveyed.
  4. More rapid diagnosis and care are possible.

To learn more about our veterinary services or to see our facility, give us a call or schedule an appointment or tour.

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