Pet Training

Downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

By appointment only

Your pet should be a calm collected extension of you. Knowing each other better is the first step to a growing relationship and Vet Campus training emphasizes relationship building above all.

Soon we'll be releasing an exciting course catalog, offering structured result driven curriculum specifically designed for you and your pet.

It is all about the relationship!

Think about it, the main goal with your pet is to enrich the fulfillment in both your lives. There is a direct correlation between happy dogs, happy humans, and solid bonds. We believe completely in the importance of the relationship and the connection between you and your pet. With Dr. Carlton's active experience in the field with military K9's, she knows first hand the significance a bond can hold.

At OKC Vet Campus we want to help strengthen your bond with your pet, and that is why we offer both typical training and special training. Our training classes are for all types. From puppies to older dogs, from fetching the paper to fetching game, we have the experience, expertise and environment to maximize your pet's training experience. Special training exists for dogs with behavior issues, such as anxiety or aggression.

Bottom line, if you are not comfortable walking your dog in public, you are missing out on a better relationship. If you are not comfortable taking them to the park, or down a busy sidewalk, you are going to miss out on endless experiences that would otherwise enrich both of your lives.

Contact us or stop by to learn how our training can benefit you and your pet's lives today.


"Very friendly and professional staff, facilities are state of the art, dog day care area is roomy and has both indoor and outdoor play areas, dogs have plenty of space to play and it's not over crowded. Highly recommend!"

-Leo O.

"My two dogs had the best time boarding and staying in doggy daycare at OKC Vet Campus! The staff is so attentive and good to the animals. You can tell they really love what they do! Highly recommend!"

-Donna S.

"My pup attended the doggy daycare facility. As a routine daycare dog at home, he easily adapted to their facility due to the professional care of the staff. Thank you to everyone at OKC Vet Campus!"

-Vanessa B.

"Everyone was so nice and welcoming and my doggie loved'em too!"

-Janelle R.

"Great place, great people! Highly recommend!"

-Michelle M.