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It's Time to Start Thinking About Thanksgiving Pet Boarding Service OKC

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. Whether you're planning to travel or have guests come to your home, have you given thought to what your pet will be doing?

Veterinary pet boarding is a great solution for holiday pet care for all kinds of different pets. If you'd like to reduce your stress and your pet's stress this holiday season and be sure that your pet is safe and happy whatever your plans are, look into our Thanksgiving pet boarding at OKC Vet Campus.

Reasons for Thanksgiving Pet Boarding

If it was up to you and your pet, you probably wouldn't spend any time apart. However, it may sometimes be necessary for you to be away from your pet. Boarding is the safest and most practical way to provide care for your pet when you can't.

Here are a few reasons to choose to board your pet over your Thanksgiving holiday, whether you're traveling or having family to your home.

Reduce Your Pet's Anxiety

Traveling or having people over is stressful for everybody in the family, including the family pet. However, unlike the family's human members, your cat or dog doesn't understand why there are changes. This confusion can result in a number of behavioral changes, many of which may be completely unexpected.

Some pets may respond aggressively to strangers in the home, while others may try to escape. Holiday dog boarding may also cause your pet some anxiety, but at a veterinary boarding facility that anxiety can be medically managed. Even if your pet experiences stress, that anxiety will not result in your pet hurting themselves or others.

Avoid Pets Misbehaving

You love your pet, but that doesn't mean that they always behave perfectly. Whether you're still training a newer pet or your older pet can't resist the added temptations around the holidays, a pet boarding service can take one stressor out of your holiday season. Board your pet over the Thanksgiving holiday so you won't have to worry about them raiding the Thanksgiving table, getting into the garbage, or any other mischief that may be more possible during this time of year.

Prevent a Pet Getting Away

Many more pets find their way out of their safe homes and onto the streets during the holidays. Your guests may not know your routines or home. Everything will be different if you travel with your pet.
That means that there are more escape opportunities for your pet. Even pets that have previously not shown interest in leaving your home may feel more like getting away for a while with all of the activity. A pet who slips out in an unknown area is unlikely to find their way home.

A fun Thanksgiving holiday can quickly turn into heartbreak if your pet slips out the door. Because of all the confusion, the missing dog might not be noticed right away, which means that it may take longer for you to get your pet back.
That delay increases the chances that your pet may be hurt while they are at large. Thanksgiving pet boarding prevents the danger of your pet slipping out while nobody is paying attention.

Travel Restrictions

Sometimes the only reason you need to leave your pet behind is because it is too difficult to take them with you. Larger dogs can usually only be transported in the cargo holds of airplanes.

The cargo hold can be dangerous, especially if your dog has a short snout or is older. It is usually best to leave your pet at home in boarding rather than trying to bring them with you if you need to travel by plane.

Traveling by car with a pet can also be extremely challenging. You need to find pet-friendly lodging and places for your pet to relieve themselves. Traveling in a car or needing to be in a cage for any reason is especially stressful for cats, but any animal may find it a very unpleasant experience.

Why Choose OKC Vet Campus?

There are some excellent reasons to choose a veterinary boarding facility over any other facility, and a number of great reasons to choose OKC in particular:

Don't Worry About Your Pet Escaping

You're going to worry about your pet while you're away no matter what, but you can set your mind at ease knowing that your pet is being taken care of by professionals in a high-quality environment. You may initially think that it will be more comfortable for your dog to stay at home if you hire a pet sitter if they are prone to anxiety.

In fact, it is usually more stressful for the pet being away from their human than their home. Dogs may try to escape and try to find you if left home with a pet sitter.

Even a responsible and well-qualified sitter may not be able to prevent your dog from digging or climbing over a fence, breaking through a window, or slipping out of a harness on a walk. If your dog is prone to anxiety, a veterinary facility is a safer place than your home when you are not there. Our facilities go beyond a simple kennel and have fear free color schemes, so your pet will be less likely to feel anxiety with us than in other facilities.

Medical Care is on Hand

Whether your pet has a medical condition or not, knowing that veterinary care is available 24/7 is a huge confidence booster when you leave your dog in boarding. Pets that experience anxiety can be given medication to reduce it with your approval.

Pets that need special care or handling will receive it at all times. You won't have to worry about a kennel tech forgetting to give your pet important medication or handling your pet inappropriately when you are boarding at OKC vet campus.

24/7 Care

Many boarding facilities leave dogs alone overnight. This lack of supervision can result in all kinds of problems, the least of which is that your pet will need to wait many hours before they can relieve themselves. We are here 24/7, which means that we can walk your dog, provide medical care, and stay aware of behavioral or medical problems.

Reasonable Pricing

Some veterinary clinics don't hesitate to charge you hundreds of dollars a day for pet boarding. We value you as our customer both as a veterinary practice and a boarding facility, so we charge only what is necessary to ensure your pet gets the best care.

With discounts for multiple pets, longer stays, and daycare rates, you are unlikely to find a better price for this kind of value in veterinary Thanksgiving pet boarding. Check out our extremely reasonable pricing rates. We even throw in a free bath if your pet stays with us for more than 3 days.

Play and Training

Many boarding facilities give your dog a cage for their stay, take them out for potty time, and call it a day. We go further than that. If your dog is boarding alone and does not want to interact with other dogs, we offer one-on-one play multiple times a day in addition to frequent 10-minute walks.

If your dog would like to enjoy playing with their friends in a camp-like atmosphere while you're enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday, you can sign up for dog daycare. After screening, we will place your dog into the perfect play group for them.

We have both an indoor and outdoor play yard with large spaces for your pet to enjoy. No matter the weather, your dog will have room to play. We also offer additional training services in combination with daycare so that you'll pick up a better-trained dog than you dropped off.

Who Can Be Boarded?

Unlike some boarding facilities with restrictions on what kind of dogs and cats can be boarded, we welcome all pets and provide any necessary care. Whatever your pet's medical care needs or behavioral concerns, we have you covered.
We can talk to you about medication schedules, including medication for anxiety or aggression. If your pet has any other special housing needs, talk to us. We have you covered.

Be sure to check out our boarding health requirements and have all of the proper vaccinations and preventative in place before your boarding date. We are happy to help you get your pet ready to board, or you can use the veterinarian of your choice and send us records.

If you would like your pet to participate in playgroups while they are boarded, it is best to screen ahead of time so that we know what kind of dogs your dog wants to play with before you arrive.

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It is not too soon to be thinking about Thanksgiving pet boarding. This is among the times of year when most people board their pets. If you want to book a first-rate facility like OKC, it's best to get on the schedule now by contacting us via phone or through our Contact Form. We are extremely strict in the number of animals that we board at any time, including over the holidays, so that we can assure the best possible care for your pet.