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Why You Should Consider OKC Vet Campus for Bethany Pet Care?

Bethany is a wonderful place to have pets, with plenty of wild spaces for hiking and a lovely downtown perfect for sitting out on the patio of a favorite restaurant. If you live with your pets in Bethany, you surely need quality veterinary care for them. Here's what you need to know about how to find the best veterinarian and other services for your pet.

About Bethany

Bethany is a charming town with the zip code 73008 which has its borders on the edge of Lake Overholser. It was founded in the early 1900s by members of the Church of Nazarene.

OKC Vet Campus - we are a full-service vet clinic - we offer services the OKC and surrounding areas like Bethany, Norman, and more.

For most of its history, Bethany was a rural town with an economy dependent on the farmlands that surrounded it. As time went on and Oklahoma City grew, Bethany became a popular suburb of Oklahoma City, with many of its residents working in the city. However, it is still rooted in small-town values, no matter how big it grows. It is home to two universities, giving it the feel of a university town as well.

Bethany is a great place to have pets. There are lots of great places around Lake Overholser to walk and play with your dog, including Lake Overholser Park. The Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge is also very near, so if you enjoy long hikes with your dog, this will surely be a great destination for you.

There are many lovely parks within Bethany as well, including the Eldon Lyon Park and Ripper Park. The charming downtown is a great place to take your dog for a walk and sit outside at one of the restaurant patios.

If you're looking for the best vet care for your pet, it's a good idea to take a short drive into Oklahoma City. Bethany is only 12 miles from downtown Oklahoma City, making it convenient to go into the city for veterinary care.

Why You Should Consider OKC Vet Campus for Your Veterinary Clinic if You Live in Bethany

There are veterinarians closer than OKC Vet Campus, so why should this be where you go for veterinary care? There are a couple of very good reasons to choose OKC Vet Campus for your pet:

State-of-the-Art Veterinary Care

You want a veterinarian that can offer your pet the best possible care using the most advanced equipment. OKC Vet Campus provides labs in-house, which can dramatically speed up the diagnosis process.

Your pet can get treatment the same day instead of having to wait for labs to go out to an outside lab and then come back. OKC Vet Campus offers imaging including x-rays, dental x-rays, and ultrasound to more accurately diagnose your pet.

Advanced treatment options include surgical laser, which enables procedures to be done less invasively than would otherwise be possible.

Integrative Treatments for Your Pet

The best treatment for your pet may not be treatments that you would traditionally be encouraged to use at a standard vet clinic. Integrative treatments such as water treadmill, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy offer non-invasive solutions for conditions that may otherwise be very difficult and expensive to treat.

These treatments can be used to treat chronic conditions like osteoarthritis instead of using medications that may have negative side effects. For instance, water treadmill can increase mobility without the need for drugs.

You want a veterinarian who will offer integrative therapy methods to provide your pet with the best possible care rather than relying solely on typical treatments like medication and surgery.

Additional Services

It's nice to know that you can trust your veterinarian location for more than just veterinary care. It's also great to have a veterinarian on staff when your dog goes for other services, particularly services where they could be injured by other dogs, such as dog daycare. OKC Vet Campus offers a number of great services that your pet can benefit from:

  • Athletic. Competing with your dog in fun activities is a great way to bond with your dog and have a blast doing it. OKC Vet Campus offers activities like barn hunt and conformation.
  • Boarding. If you need to leave your dog or cat when you go on vacation, you want a place you can trust. OKC Vet Campus offers beautiful, spacious kennel suites with 24-hour supervision and medical boarding for pets with special needs.
  • Daycare. Dog day care is a wonderful opportunity for your dog to run off some extra energy and socialize with other dogs. OKC Vet Campus also allows you to combine training with daycare so your pet will leave better behaved than when they arrived.
  • Grooming. Whether you want your pet groomed professionally or you just need a convenient place to wash them, OKC Vet Campus has you covered with self-service wash stations as well as professional groomers.

All-Inclusive Care for Your Pet

Dogs and cats thrive with consistency. Most pets find it frightening to go to new places, especially places that may have frightening smells.

It can be very helpful to have all of the care that your pet needs in one place. If your dog goes to the same place to have fun at dog daycare or enjoy a training session that they go for veterinary treatment, they are much less likely to be frightened by the veterinarian.

There’s a lot to be said for bringing your dog to an all-inclusive treatment facility like OKC Vet Campus. Your dog is much less likely to be frightened of going to the veterinarian if they associate it with positive experiences

Needless to say, it can also be convenient for you to bring your pet to one place for all of their various needs. You can simply go into Oklahoma City for the day and drop your pet off to receive grooming, vaccinations, and let them enjoy playing with other dogs at the daycare all from one location.

A Great Location

Why not enjoy yourself in downtown Oklahoma City while your pet has their veterinary appointment, spa day, daycare, or something else at OKC Vet Campus? OKC Vet Campus is located a couple of blocks from the gorgeous Myriad Botanical Gardens.

There is a huge variety of great restaurants in the area, including places that are perfect for sitting out on the patio with your dog before or after their time at OKC Vet Campus. If you need to go into the city for any reason, OKC Vet Campus could not be located more conveniently.

Consider OKC Vet Campus as Your Bethany Full-Service Vet Clinic

OKC Vet Campus has more to offer than the average vet. We are a one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need for your pet, complete with all of the latest state-of-the-art technology to give your pet the best care possible. If you're looking for a vet OKC adjacent, it's impossible to find a better option than this OKC pet hospital.


When you're looking for a vet near Bethany, you surely have some questions to ensure that your pet will get the best care from the best veterinarians around. Here are some questions you're likely to ask to help you decide whether OKC Vet Campus is the vet near Bethany that is right for you.

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