New Clients

Welcome to OKC Vet Campus

It is paramount you feel comfortable with your provider and confident your pet is given top-level care. To ensure you and your pet have the best experience possible we want to be transparent about what to expect.

You can expect:

  1. Good Location
  2. Safe Environment
  3. Animal Fanatics
  4. Full-Service Care
  5. Deposit Required
okc vet campus good location | OKC Vet Campus

Good Location

Located in downtown Oklahoma City means major highways make it easy to get to us from many different surrounding locations. Our building is easy to find.

dog boarding grooming vet service oklahoma city dog boarding kennels | OKC Vet Campus

Safe Environment

We are hypersensitive to pathogenic threats and demand proper facility hygiene from ourselves, and proper vaccinations and preventative medications for all our patients. This method ensures the minimization of pathogenic risks, keeping OKC Vet Campus a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

animal fanatics | OKC Vet Campus

Animal Fanatics

Every staff member employed at OKC Vet Campus is an animal lover at their core, or they would not work here. This means the animal lovers we employ will treat your pet like their own, greeted with love at every interaction.

OKCVet | OKC Vet Campus

Full-Service Care

You can expect a clean facility, with advanced equipment, and professionally trained Veterinarians. Dr. Carlton’s proud service in the Army gave her valuable military veterinary experience. Our costs reflect our investment into quality equipment, facilities, doctors, and medicines. This also means we are not the cheapest and understand this approach isn't for every scenario. We go the extra mile, a distance most other vets don't go. This path naturally has increased costs for us, and our prices reflect that.

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Deposit Required

To make sure we can care for the most pets in the best way possible we must make efficient use of our time, resources, and schedule. As such when appointments are set and not kept, this means a lost opportunity for another pet in need. We require a $20 refundable deposit (when the appointment is kept) to set an appointment. The $20 deposit does not guarantee a set appointment date and will be refunded if an appropriate date isn't available. Payment is also due at the time of service. We have fantastic partners to help in situations of unexpected costs.


"Very friendly and professional staff, facilities are state of the art, dog day care area is roomy and has both indoor and outdoor play areas, dogs have plenty of space to play and it's not over crowded. Highly recommend!"

-Leo O.

"My two dogs had the best time boarding and staying in doggy daycare at OKC Vet Campus! The staff is so attentive and good to the animals. You can tell they really love what they do! Highly recommend!"

-Donna S.

"My pup attended the doggy daycare facility. As a routine daycare dog at home, he easily adapted to their facility due to the professional care of the staff. Thank you to everyone at OKC Vet Campus!"

-Vanessa B.

"Everyone was so nice and welcoming and my doggie loved'em too!"

-Janelle R.

"Great place, great people! Highly recommend!"

-Michelle M.