Dog Daycare

Downtown, OKC

By appointment only

Be sure to get your doggy day care credentials out of the way! To ensure the best possible experience for you and your pet we screen all animals to understand their proper placement. This takes only a small bit of time and we encourage you get it out of the way now.

Spacious, safe, fun and engaging.

Our dog daycare is best seen as a community of dogs that have gone through a screening process. We feel preventive care and client education is paramount. Preventative medicine is a priority in our doggy daycare, and we impose health requirements similar to a child going to school. Each pet goes through a screening process and temperament test, ensuring that all participants play nicely.

Our facilities offer the advantage of an indoor and outdoor play yard, with very large spaces. Your pet's enjoyment won't be hindered by the weather, since either way they have a large safe place to relax. Of course, when the weather allows we prioritize sunshine and outdoor time.

Emergency day boarding, is available. We are happy to decrease any stress you have adjusting your schedule to an emergency.

While your dog is in daycare, don't forget to combine the daycare with other training services we provide. Instead of just dropping off your dog to be watched, with training you'll pick up a more educated dog than you left!


"Very friendly and professional staff, facilities are state of the art, dog day care area is roomy and has both indoor and outdoor play areas, dogs have plenty of space to play and it's not over crowded. Highly recommend!"

-Leo O.

"My two dogs had the best time boarding and staying in doggy daycare at OKC Vet Campus! The staff is so attentive and good to the animals. You can tell they really love what they do! Highly recommend!"

-Donna S.

"My pup attended the doggy daycare facility. As a routine daycare dog at home, he easily adapted to their facility due to the professional care of the staff. Thank you to everyone at OKC vet campus!"

-Vanessa B.

"Everyone was so nice and welcoming and my doggie loved'em too!"

-Janelle R.

"Great place, great people! Highly recommend!"

-Michelle M.