We emphasize client education and comprehensive care in a fear free environment

OKC Vet Campus is for pet owners who desire to take a more comprehensive approach to their pet's overall well-being. At OKC Vet Campus we emphasize education and engagement for improved physical and behavioral health. We believe education not only helps you to better care for your pet but when paired with engagement and activity, equips you to nurture your pet physically and emotionally.

The relationship of trust and love between you are your pet is the primary focus of our practice. This emotional bond impacts many aspects of your pet's health and behavior. Making sure you have the best relationship with your pet will ensure years of quality experiences together, leading to an overall healthier animal.

We will achieve this through unified education with you and our established processes. At OKC Vet Campus, each department knows and understands the unique aspects of your pet and its care. If this sounds like the ideal veterinary care for you and your pet, we invite you to stop by, take a tour, and see for yourself.


Enter The Vet Clinic




At OKC Vet Campus, we offer a wide variety of veterinary services including Wellness Care, Top of the Line Diagnostics and Therapeutics, and drop-off for current clients. Our services also include comprehensive lifestyle services such as Boarding and Grooming. We take pride in being the ideal destination for all your pet’s wellness and lifestyle needs. We are dedicated to making sure your pet gets the best care ensuring they can enjoy a happy, healthy life with you.


OKC Vet Campus is proud to offer our clients the convenience of our improved pet drop-off service. Our top priority is providing the highest standard of care for your pet, and our drop-off service guarantees the same high-quality veterinary care you would receive from our team during an in-person visit in our clinic. With the drop-off service, we work with your schedule. Your pet will spend the day with us, and you will get updated on pickup. Instead of spending a few hours from your desk to bring your pet to the vet, we bring the experience to your desk.


"Very friendly and professional staff, facilities are state of the art, dog day care area is roomy and has both indoor and outdoor play areas, dogs have plenty of space to play and it's not over crowded. Highly recommend!"

-Leo O.

"My two dogs had the best time boarding and staying in doggy daycare at OKC Vet Campus! The staff is so attentive and good to the animals. You can tell they really love what they do! Highly recommend!"

-Donna S.

"My pup attended the doggy daycare facility. As a routine daycare dog at home, he easily adapted to their facility due to the professional care of the staff. Thank you to everyone at OKC Vet Campus!"

-Vanessa B.

"Everyone was so nice and welcoming and my doggie loved'em too!"

-Janelle R.

"Great place, great people! Highly recommend!"

-Michelle M.